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Document Certification Authorities Recognized by Immigration Quebec

Many Quebec immigration programs, such as the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, require a "certified true copy" of certain supporting documents. Quebec Skilled Worker applicants, for example, must provide a certified true copy of their university, technical or vocational diplomas, as well as all transcripts corresponding to the degree or diploma. The Quebec Skilled Worker Program also requires a certified true copy of any educational internship agreements or attestations and gives applicants the option of proving the legality of their work experience with a certified true copy of their personal tax return instead of providing the original document.

To ensure the integrity of certified true copy documentation, the Ministère de l'Immigration, de la Diversité et de l'Inclusion Quebec (MIDI) will only accept certified documents from recognized authorities. To help you apply for immigration to Quebec, we have provided a detailed list of authorities in each country that are recognized by Immigration Quebec for certifying documents.

Quebec Immigration Recognized Certifying Authorities


  • Document issuer
  • Municipality, city hall or wilaya
  • Algerian notary


  • Issuer of document
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Australian notary


  • Burgomaster
  • City hall
  • Issuer of the document


  • Court of law
  • Local or regional administration (municipality, borough, etc.)
  • Issuing authority


  • Regional or local administrator
  • Brazilian notary (tabelionato) including office clerk (escrevente)
  • Issuer of the document


  • National Education Department
  • Bulgarian notary
  • Issuing party

Burkina Faso:

  • Education Department
  • Municipality, police station, city hall or borough
  • Document publisher


  • Local or regional prefecture, borough, governorate, city hall or municipality
  • Issuing association

Canada (including Quebec):

  • Document issuer

Please note: copies of college and vocational diplomas issued by the Quebec ministère de l’Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur can be submitted instead of certified true copies since Immigration Quebec can independently verify the accurancy.


  • City hall
  • Chadian notary
  • Issuing group


  • Association issuing document
  • Chinese notary


  • Group that issued document
  • Colombian notary


  • Higher Education Department
  • Issuing authority


  • Issuer of the document


  • City hall
  • Issuing authority


  • Department of Education
  • Document issuer
  • Guatemalan notary


  • Court of law
  • Education Dept
  • Issuer of the document


  • Issuing organization
  • Haitian notary


  • Party issuing document
  • Indian notary


  • Issuing body
  • Iranian notary


  • Faction of issue
  • Israeli notary

Ivory Coast:

  • Local city hall, municipality, prefecture or subprefecture
  • Ivorian notary


  • Document's issuing party
  • Japanese notary (koshonin)

Please note: Immigration Quebec does not recognize Japense documents certified by shiho shoshi or gyosei shoshi.


  • Secondary or university educational institutions
  • Lebanese notary
  • Consular or diplomatic missions


  • Education and Human Resources Department
  • Body of issue


  • Authority of issuance
  • Mexican notary


  • Document issuer
  • Moldavian notary


  • Municipality or prefecture
  • Bureau of Professional Training and Advancement of Labor
  • Association of issuance


  • Issuing body
  • Peruvian notary


  • Issuing body
  • Romanian notary


  • Organization issuing document
  • Russian notary


  • Borough, prefecture, municipality, police brigades or police stations, city hall or municipal borough
  • Authority issuing document


  • Issuer of document
  • City hall (Ayuntamiento)
  • Spanish notary


  • Local prefecture, city hall, municipality or borough
  • Issuing body


  • Borough or municipal region
  • Issuer of document


  • Issuing party
  • Ukranian notary


  • Group issuing document
  • American notary (in States where notaries are legally authorized to true certify copies of documents)


  • National Education Department
  • Issuing organization

All Other Countries:

  • Govermental department
  • Document issuer
  • Local notary
  • Regional administration such as prefecture, municipality, borough, governorate, city hall or commune

If the country or territory in which the document was issued does not appear on this list, Immigration Quebec will recognize certified true copies from the authorities listed above. Ideally, documents should be certified as true by the document issuer. Certified true copy documents that are accredited by the issuing party are always preferred, and Quebec immigration processing times can increase when documents are certified in other ways since Immigration Quebec must verify their accuracy. Documents can also be certified as true by an Embassy or Consulate of the country where the document originates. In general, police officers and lawyers are not recognized by Quebec immigration as certifying authorities.

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